NAME:William J. Ryder
AGE: 58
TYPE: Human, Male
HEIGHT: 5'9"
EYES: Sky blue
JOB: President of Ryder Industries

William J. Ryder is the founder and president of Ryder Industries, a company founded years ago, soon after X's departure in search of Zero. The loss of the two greatest Maverick Hunters made shockwaves in the community. While the Maverick Hunters still posessed skillful Hunters, low morale and an increase in Maverick activity (Persumably to take advantage of the situation) crippled Hunter forces considerably. Ryder and his company saw this as an opportunity, and worked to replace and expand the slowly depleting Hunters. Not all problems were fixed, but the quick response allowed them to suppress most of the major Maverick activity. Since then, Ryder Industries has been a leader in Reploid development and innovation, helping work to recreate the legacy left behind by the "original" Reploids.

Since then, Ryder Industries have used their research in other areas, for better or worse results. For example, Ryder Coffee Makers have gained notoreity for their ability to turn any formula into something that has "the texture of a warm, wet diaper". On the other hand, Ryder have made considerable leaps in Reploid weaponry and training AI, prepared for any situation.

Ryder, himself, is a man devoted to his company. When he's not working, he enjoys looking serious, talking business, and sketching out new plans. There are rumors he is a fan of 20th Century Pinball Machine units, but no one can confirm or deny this.