NAME: Juno
MENTAL AGE (Approx): 19
TYPE: Reploid, Agara Corps Model 'Ayrea'.
HEIGHT: 5'9"
EYES: Blue
JOB: Communications/Navigation/System Repair

Fascinated with actually working side-by-side with Maverick Hunters, Juno joined MHHQ. However, he found the work of actually being a hunter too much of a burden on him and, instead, requested that he be transferred to another department until he was ready. It was then when Juno found his current stable position: Working as Lead Navigator in Maverick Hunts. His yearning for knowledge allows him the persistence of figuring out any problem, and he is always playing with the various equipment inside MHHQ to make improvements and make sure everything is up to "his standards". Despite this, he's someone who loves a good joke more than anything else, and definitely doesn't act like he has an important role in the Maverick Hunters' gears. Nevertheless, when a chase calls for a quick shortcut, he is there, ready and willing to find every possible route that could be taken.