NAME: Janis Valor
AGE: 37
TYPE: Human
HEIGHT: 5'8"
EYES: Brown
JOB: Medical Doctor & Reploid repair.
RANK: Unknown

As a small child Janis knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She spent most of her school years preparing for the day she could become a doctor and find a cure for the Maverick virus. While her dreams sidelined for a brief time as she lead her practices to the repair of battle damaged Reploids she soon found herself called to Maverick Hunter HQ to join with several other scientists and doctors who hoped to find the cure that history so far had failed to create. This is where she's spent her time since as scientist and medical doctor at Maverick Hunter HQ.

Janis is seen as a mother figure by a good number of Reploids as she honestly cares for a great number of her patients. She is well dressed, well spoken, ambitious, and down to earth. While her nature to find a cure to the Maverick virus borders on obsessive she does have good reason, as Mavericks had killed her father when she was barely eight years old.