NAME: Izzy
MENTAL AGE: Quite Possibly in the Negatives.
TYPE: Reploid, Unknown Model
HEIGHT: 5'6"
EYES: Hazel
JOB: Employee at Murray's Antiques
RANK: Maverick.

Izzy is the very personification of insanity.

Let's put this in a different term now, one that may be easier to understand: Izzy is a maverick. But Izzy doesn't really give a damn at the same time. This makes it very hard for him to be all things maverick: Explosions, destructions, death, and violence. The urge is there, but he takes things into a different light, finds it too much work, and sits on the couch watching some old reruns instead, letting the networks bring in the fill of death and destruction instead.

Not much is known about Izzy. Not his model-type, not his age, and definitely not how he originated. According to him, his first memory was perfoming life on the rooftop of some British building in front of a very large crowd, which most believe to be very false. What we do know, however, is that he is a maverick with a penchant for late 20th Century crap and an heavy urge to dress in "human wear". In most situations, if it wasn't for the boots and the arms, it would be very hard to distinguish whether he was actually human or reploid. His thirst for pop culture and how to act human(ish) also helps him blend in further.

How he is Maverick without all the usual tendancies is unknown. There has been no detailed examination of him since his activation, and any attempts result in the few rare times he will use physical violence on someone.Whatever the cause is, it has upped the "chaotic" tendanciesby an exponential number. He acts without thinking, usually in an attempt to either annoy, bother, or bum money off of an individual. He has no regard for others in his actions, and is generally more pleased when others are brought into a mess he has made. On the plus side, he strangely has enough sense to keep low, and will (mostly) do something only if he knows he can get away with it. He even somehow manages a steady job at an antique story, most likely because "that money stuff can buy a lot of shiny things".

Though he has contacted many people, only T3-Zero knows for sure that he is maverick. For some reason, T3 allows him to live. This is most likely due to the fact that this is a chance to study a "maverick", the enemy, up close and personal. Other reason point to Izzy being a harmless git. Whatever the reason, it's an decision T3 regrets more and more each day...