NAME: "Goon"
MENTAL AGE: 20-ish
TYPE: Animaloid(?) Reploid, XTENT Electronics Model "Orzen"
HEIGHT: 5'7"
EYES: Gold
JOB: Member of the Iostream Revolution

Not a whole lot is actually known about "Goon", other than he gets the short end of the stick far too often. While high enough in the Iostream organization to work alongside its leaders, he is mostly used for menial labor-- Such as putting up with the childish antics of a certain robot while the rest carry on. He often sighs at his luck.

It is unknown what sort of animal he is supposed to represent, and it seems like he prefers it that way. Perhaps he is ashamed about his origin. Perhaps he thinks this makes him more cool and mysterious than the others. One thing is for sure though: He's got Kitchen Duty tomorrow.