NAME: Endl (Real Name Unknown)
AGE: 26
TYPE: Human
HEIGHT: 6'0"
EYES: Turquoise
JOB: Unknown.
RANK: Unknown

When a girl holds a gun in a movie, it's easy for one of the characters to quip a line or two to make fun of her. This leads to two things: The girl will become nervous and the guy will pull a stunt to put him in the advantage, or the girl shows off what she can do using various kung-fu, bullet time, and any other Hollywood buzz word.

Endl will just shoot you. Shoot you so hard in the face.

Not a lot is known about her at this point. What is known is that she's the third major member of the rebellion group "Iostream" and has a personality that most people would deem intolerant. Why a human would associate themselves with a Maverick cause is anyone's guess. It's just not a question anyone would DARE ask.