MENTAL AGE (Approx): 21
TYPE: Reploid, Netloc Enterprises Model "Elissa"
HEIGHT: 5'5"
EYES: Pink
JOB: Navigator to the Hunters

Emi is a relatively new member to the Maverick Hunters, having only joined the organization upon completion of her training 2 years prior. While her model type was originally designed to help improve the efficiency of city traffic routes and systems, Emi grew more interested in the "Getting to Point A to Point B faster" part than anything else. She took that skill with her to the Maverick Hunters, where she now works alongside Celeste and the other navigators. Though still trying to work out some of the nuances of being the "new girl" (Well, relatively. She's still Communication Center's most recent recruit), she's not afraid to speak her mind, especially when she can turn the joke around to her favor. She is Celeste's best friend.

Aside from her skills at finding the quickest points, she also has developed a taste for the travel in between as well. On most of her offtime, she can be seen fixing her own hoverbike and tuning it to a supposed perfection (Or a definite speeding ticket, depending on the week.)