NAME: Fang Delupe
MENTAL AGE (Approx): 49
TYPE: Animaloid Reploid.
HEIGHT: 5'9"
EYES: Chestnut Brown
JOB: Maverick Hunter.

Going by simply "Delupe" quite often, Fang is an old timer from the Maverick wars of years gone by. Speaking with a hint of a French accent he is well educated, an excellent shot with a pistol, superb tracker and enjoys reading as a hobby in his downtime. Determined and resorcefull he is never faultering under preasure which has gained him the reputation of being one of the calmer headed Hunters, thinking things through completely from start to finish before jumping head long into a task. Level headed and calm in tight spots his tracking abilities are top notch and some claim his sense of smell is better than his sight.