NAME: Celeste Rivern
TYPE: Human, Female
HEIGHT: 5'6"
EYES: Grey-Blue
JOB: Data Analysis and Navigator to the Hunters.

Celeste is one of the many human workers inside of Maverick Hunter's HQ (MHHQ) fighting not with weapons and tactics, but rather with information and research. Her main job is working as a research analysis, attempting to discover new ways to fight the ever-dilligent Maverick Virus as well as how to improve reploids beyond their current capacities. Her secondary job is assisting Hunters in the Communications Center, namely T3-Zero. While sometimes seen as hyperactive and taking things far too lightly, she takes her job quite seriously, even if she doesn't show it. One of her goals in life? To attempt to make T3 lighten up for once in his life, which only seems to annoy him much further.