NAME: Anders Lawson Light
AGE: 39 (Has aged considerably well)
TYPE: Human, Male
HEIGHT: 6'1"
EYES: Light Blue
JOB: Head of R&D Development and Vice President of Ryder Industries

When Anders first appeared before the Maverick Hunters at their HQ, Anders Lawson was as an officer of public relations expressing company apologies for a recent breakout of the Maverick virus that had seemed to affect Ryder Reploids primarily. Calm, cool, and collected, he promised that he would help see that the situation would be solved soon and everything would be back to normality.

The next day, the Maverick Hunters gathered to watch a publicized news conference for Ryder Industries in an attempt to reassure an on-edge city. President William J. Ryder announced to the world a new head of Research and Development in the middle of this conference. A typical situation with a slight twist: He was revealed to the world as Anders Lawson Light, descendant to the most famous name in history, Dr. Thomas Light; creator of the first Reploid, Megaman X. With proof in one hand and reassurance in another, the descendent of Light reassured his newly interested audience that all would be well. That was, until he noticed a little red pointer began aiming at Ryder's head...

Not a lot is known about Anders at this time. From his connection to the Light dynasty to his sudden change from Public Relations to VP, there is a lot that isn't shown on the surface. However, with the outbreak escalating to near urban warfare, a lot of people will be depending on him to do his part. Which part this is, however, is unknown.