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Latest Comic

You should stop by next Wednesday.

We'll have some tea. We'll talk about how your kids are doing in soccer practice. We'll laugh at all the good times we had and will have!

Also, we may be doing something else Wednesday, like... Oh, starting up comics again.

For those who stood by each night, hitting F5 and damning a world that refused to give you your weekly dose of RIPtheSYSTEM, I do apologize! You guys are awesome and I'd never leave you hanging like that. But things are starting to get a bit back on track though, so normal transmissions can resume again finally. Awesome times are here again.

Now, to finish writing Part 3 so my artist can't yell at me for while. Yay no yelling!

Just so people don't think we're completely dead. I've got fourteen weeks worth of shiny comic sitting here in my lap and half of them are ready to be posted.

I can't give a definite date yet.. But we're shooting for the 23rd. I want to give us a LITTLE BIT of a backlog so hopefully we wont be dicking around like this again and being lazy... though in both our defenses work and "oh look a new Xbox360 title" has been getting in the way too. Now that 2009 has crap all coming out that I'm interested in and the only thing left I haven't beat is on DS, maybe I can get back to drawing. There's at least 12 more pages of RtS: Emet I can start into next, plus one of my own little comic projects that I'm still trying to work the scripts out for.

Now if I could just pull myself away from my shiny new laptop. ^_^;

UPDATE: Okay, okay, we're *way* off track for the current part. Things got a little hectic, then a lot of hectic and now it's all "OH GOD WHY IS THAT ON FIRE IT SHOULDN'T BE ON FIRE WHY'S IT ON FIRRREEEE."

... The good news is that I have a break coming extremely soon and I shall be able to give me full attention to things that deserve them. Namely, this. So stay tuned! The beginning of the new year, we start again!

Well, I think we got nearly all of the chaos out of our systems from out lives for now. I forgot to pick up the chaos spray this morning so it may grow back overnight, but one never knows!

Sadly, RtS has suffered as a result of this. My apologies on the matter. We've generally been pretty good with keeping a schedule, but sudden happenings kept piling up and making the usual assembly line workings fail. Hopefully, by next week, we'll have something for ye people.

If you haven't noticed, Emet's been updating regularly in the meantime! This is a good time to check that out. Until then, expect regular transmissions to resume next week!

Hey, Dragon*Con is next week! I'll be there, though as one of the wanderers of the convention. The The Protomen are going to be there too, so if you want to try to find me among the crowd there, you probably can! I'll be the one with the Mega Man 3 Wily music playing in my mind. You may think this is to vague of a description, but not until I figure out how to make a mind megaphone. Until then, though!

Here I say we'll update with the rest of the arc and I totally forget there was a Friday in there somewhere last week.
Now I go back to panicking over the job interview I have Tuesday. AAAAAAAAAAA!

New Emet comic up for this week. The rest of the arc is done and should follow the next few Fridays. RtS will follow soon now that things are returning (slightly) back to normal.
I'm off to plot world domination in North Carolina this weekend with John and help him fight off the ninjas! :D