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Latest Comic

I know it's been since forever since I last posted, but RtS has been put on indefinite hiatus until I figure a few things out.. namely where I'm going to be living in a few months. Financial trouble and my own future has been in rather grave jeopardy for a while now and I've not had the creative juice or motivation to even pick up a pencil for my own personal work let alone the comic.

I'm sorry to the few of you who've asked me almost daily when we'd update again and those of you that remain the quiet, silent type, but the way things have been in recent months I haven't been in the mindset to care beyond "today".

Rest assured the next thirty comics have been written and will be done, only AFTER I get things sorted out and settled in some form of stability.

Might as well post this here now before September rolls out into oblivion..
My main computer is bricked. Repairing Windows has left me realizing my product key isn't being recognized by my copy of Windows XP so I can't even re-install Windows. Now whenever I get to my desktop one of the vital windows components forces it to restart.
What's this all have to do with the comic? ... The next 14 comics I was in the middle of working with are ON my main computer. I may have to reformat the box, which means I'll lose the comics. Thankfully I've got alot of my other stuff backed up on my laptop but we'll see if I can get the desktop back up and running so I can concentrate on other things that need to be done. I may just end up having to break down to buy a copy of XP. -_-

No new comic this week and likely not one next week either. That would push it back to the 5th of Aug for the rest of you. Grandparents are coming in this week and since they're sleeping in my room I can't pull an all nighter at the computer desk. Normally I would contribute the lack of comics to my laziness, but it's only half true as I've been working on my own projects over at DA, so it's not so much a total attitude of slacking so much as brushing it off to do other things. I may get a chance to jump back into them this week during some downtime, but no promises.

Comic's up early this week! Yes, yes, I know. Run to your fallout shelters while you still can, children!

As for the comic this week: Yes, I have far too much fun with Izzy.

If things would stop being so hectic, I'd write a more comprehensive update. Sadly, I am stuck prodding Tcat until she updates again. I find gently prodding a blogger with a pitchform leads to more productive posts, richer in content and minerals. Prod prod prod.

Okay, I sleep now. You should too, no matter what time it is!

Apologies for the lateness of this one, but here it is!

Now, to go play the "Car Inspection/Oil Change" game. Hurrah!